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  1. Adding videos

  2. Are responses to polls anonymous?

  3. Are the notes I take private?

  4. Can I add or edit a poll while I’m presenting?

  5. Can I change my email address?

  6. Can I change my name?

  7. Can I change my password?

  8. Can I change my personal URL?

  9. Can I change my personal URL?

  10. Can I change my profile picture?

  11. Can I delete a comment, question and/or reply?

  12. Can I delete and reorder content in Zeetings?

  13. Can I duplicate/copy a poll?

  14. Can I edit a poll I created in Zeetings?

  15. Can I edit a slide in Zeetings?

  16. Can I edit a zeeting once I’ve shared it with people?

  17. Can I edit the color of a poll?

  18. Can I export my Analytics Reports?

  19. Can I insert a hyperlink into my slides?

  20. Can I make my presentations private?

  21. Can I mention someone in my Activity posts?

  22. Can I moderate posts before they appear on the Activity Wall?

  23. Can I moderate the comments and questions in Activity?

  24. Can I password protect my presentation?

  25. Can I reference slides in my Activity posts?

  26. Can I remove someone from my zeeting once I’ve sent it?

  27. Can I use a clicker when I present?

  28. Can participants respond to a poll more than once?

  29. Can participants see each others posts in Activity?

  30. Can someone I share a zeeting with, share it with someone else?

  31. Creating your own slides

  32. Do I create my slides in Zeetings?

  33. Do my audience need to have a Zeetings account?

  34. Does everyone need to be on the same wifi network?

  35. Does Zeetings publish its privacy policy?

  36. Embedding content

  37. How do I get started?

  38. How can I access Configure?

  39. How can I access my Analytics Dashboard?

  40. How can I control the participant experience?

  41. How can I directly respond to a comment or question in Activity?

  42. How can my audience join my presentations?

  43. How can Zeetings support more participants?

  44. How do I access Activity?

  45. How do I access Notes in a zeeting?

  46. How do I access People in a zeeting?

  47. How do I access Share?

  48. How do I add a poll to a zeeting?

  49. How do I add content to a zeeting?

  50. How do I reset a poll?

  51. How do I set up an Activity Wall?

  52. How do I start a presentation?

  53. How many zeetings can I create?

  54. How much does Zeetings cost?

  55. If a participant takes notes but does not have a Zeetings account, how do they retrieve it after the presentation?

  56. If someone asks a question in Activity will I be notified?

  57. Inserting Hyperlinks

  58. Is there a way to display my personal URL when it’s projecting on the big screen?

  59. My fonts don't look right after I uploaded my PowerPoint slides.

  60. Polls

  61. Running a "Q&A" Session

  62. Security

  63. So what’s Zeetings all about?

  64. Surveys

  65. Uploading content

  66. What about remote presentations?

  67. What are the Terms and Conditions for using the Zeeting's service?

  68. What browsers can I use for Zeetings?

  69. What can I configure?

  70. What does the green light next to the person mean?

  71. What does the heart icon mean?

  72. What exactly does Zeetings do?

  73. What happens to the animations in my slides when I upload my PowerPoint to Zeetings?

  74. What is Activity?

  75. What is an Activity Wall?

  76. What is Notes?

  77. What is People?

  78. What is presenting?

  79. What is Share?

  80. What privacy settings are available when sharing a zeeting?

  81. What type of Analytics does Zeetings provide?

  82. What types of presentations is Zeetings great for?

  83. What’s the largest file size I can upload?

  84. Where can I view a zeeting that has been shared with me?

  85. Where do my notes go when I create them and I’m signed in to my account?

  86. Who can access my Zeeting?

  87. Who is shown in People?

  88. Who sees posts in Activity?

  89. Why are some people in my presentation not shown in People?

  90. Why can't I edit polls?

  91. Zeetings for Education

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