What type of Analytics does Zeetings provide?

Great Question! One of the most valuable aspects of Zeetings is being able to really understand your participants using Analytics.

Each of your zeetings has a corresponding Analytics dashboard which records data about your zeeting, your presentations and your participants. The dashboard has four sections:
  • Participants: Listing of each person who has participated in your zeeting including the date and time that they last accessed it. If you required people to provide their name and/or email address, it will appear in this section; if you allowed participants to be anonymous, they will be assigned a unique ID. This ID is important as it allows you to track how an individual user interacted with your zeeting even if they happen to be anonymous. This allows you to gain insights such as understanding the correlations between responses by the same people to a number of poll questions. The Participants section requires a premium plan.
  • Responses: All the aggregated data from your polls and surveys will appear here. The responses are displayed as charts so you can visualise that data. With a premium plan, you can also drilldown into each poll and survey to see how individual participants responded to a particular question. 
  • Posts: See all the posts and likes from Activity. 
  • Presentations: Each time you deliver a live presentation, a report is generated detailing the interactivity of by your participants in that particular presentation. These reports and can be found here. They are particularly useful when you're presenting the same zeeting more than once and want to compare how different groups of participants interacted.
With premium Zeetings plans, you are also able to export your analytics as an Excel or CSV file.

Understanding your participants is at the heart of getting them engaged and the Analytics dashboard is one of the ways we want to help you do that.

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