Zeetings FAQ

Welcome to the Zeetings Support and Feedback site. If you cannot find your answer here please mail us on support@zeetings.com; we also have more information on using Zeetings on our blog.

Knowledge Base

  1. Activity Feed 

    1. What is Activity?
    2. Who sees posts in the Activity feed?
    3. Can I moderate the comments and questions in the Activity Feed?
    4. How do I access Activity?
    5. Can I delete a comment, question and/or reply?
  2. Activity Wall 

    1. What is an Activity Wall?
    2. How do I set up an Activity Wall?
    3. Can I moderate posts before they appear on the Activity Wall?
  3. Analytics 

    1. What is an Analytics Report?
    2. Can I export my Analytics Reports
    3. How can I access my Analytics Reports?
  4. Configure 

    1. What can I configure?
    2. How can Zeetings support more participants?
    3. Who can access my Zeeting?
    4. How can I control the participant experience?
  5. Content 

    1. How do I add content to a zeeting?
    2. Embeds
    3. What types of files can I upload to Zeetings?
    4. PPTX - What happens to the animations in my PowerPoint deck when I upload it to Zeetings?
    5. PPTX - My fonts don't look right after I upload
  6. General 

    1. So what’s Zeetings all about?
    2. What exactly does Zeetings do?
    3. What types of presentations is Zeetings great for?
    4. What about remote presentations?
    5. How do I get started?
  7. People 

    1. What is People?
    2. How do I access People in a zeeting?
    3. Who is shown in People?
    4. Why are some people in my presentation not shown in People?
    5. What does the green light next to the person mean?
  8. Polling 

    1. How do I add a poll to a zeeting?
    2. Can I duplicate/copy a poll?
    3. Can I edit a poll I created in Zeetings?
    4. How do I reset a poll?
    5. Can I edit the color and/or design of a poll?
  9. Presenting 

    1. What is presenting?
    2. How do I start a presentation?
    3. How can my audience join my presentations?
    4. Can I make my presentations private?
    5. Can I use a clicker when I present?
  10. Remote Zeetings 

    1. What is a Remote Zeeting?
    2. How do I start a Remote Zeeting?
    3. How to I get attendees to connect to a Remote Zeeting?
    4. My Remote Zeeting won't start?
  11. Security and Privacy 

    1. Security
    2. Does Zeetings publish its privacy policy?
    3. What are the Terms and Conditions for using the Zeeting's service?
  12. Sending 

    1. What is Send?
    2. How do I access Send?
    3. What privacy settings are available when sending out a zeeting?
    4. Can I edit a zeeting once I’ve sent it to people?
    5. Where can I view a zeeting that has been shared with me?
  13. Taking Notes 

    1. What is Notes?
    2. How do I access Notes in a zeeting?
    3. Are the notes I take private?
    4. If an attendee takes notes and does not have a Zeetings account, how do they retrieve it after the presentation?
    5. Where do my notes go when I create them and I’m signed in to my account?
  14. Your Profile 

    1. Can I change my profile picture?
    2. Can I change my User Name?
    3. Can I change my personal URL?
    4. Can I change my password?
    5. Can I change my email address?
  15. All articles 

    1. So what’s Zeetings all about?
    2. Security
    3. How do I add content to a zeeting?
    4. Do I create my slides in Zeetings?
    5. Can I insert a hyperlink into my slides?
    92 articles 

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